Models E and HE cut and bevel 6½ through 72½ (152.4mm½ 1828.8mm) pipe and tube and cut vessels up to 33½ dia. Secured by its tensioning chain, the Trav-L-Cutters can be mounted on horizontal or vertical pipe in the field or shop, in an oil-filled ditch or under water. The Trav-L-Cuttersï½ self-propelled chain drive system maintains continuous out-of-round compensation while providing positive drive under all conditionsï½for accurate cuts. A standard wall pipe can be cut and beveled with a cutting speed of approximately one minute per 1½ (24.5mm) of pipe diameter. Cutting time varies for heavier walls and harder alloys. Due to its rugged construction, it is not unusual to find Trav-L-Cutter machines still operating after 10 or more years of service.