Flange Spreader - Manual/Hydraulic
Fastorq Bolting Systems' Flange Spreader, the AUTO-SPREADER™, provides up to 10,000 pounds of force to separate flange faces up to 3 inches. The AUTO-SPREADER™ Flange Spreader is available in hydraulic flange spreader (HS10K) or manual flange spreader (MS10K) models. A standard hydraulic hand pump powers one hydraulic flange spreader (AUTO-SPREADER™), or a pair of Flange Spreaders with ease. The manual AUTO-SPREADER™ uses a ratchet handle to transform 100 ft-lbs of input to 10,000 lbs. of flange spreading force to create the gap between flange faces. A load lowering valve is available for hydraulic pumps to control the closing rate of the HS10K.